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Hi there!


My name is Brittany Clow and I am the mastermind behind Memories by B photography!

I am a full-time photographer and beauty guru on youtube from Prince Edward Island,Canada.


My passion for artistry began at a very young age.  I always had a creative imagination which I expressed vividly through makeup for many years.


With makeup and youtube I aspire to be a positive and fun influencer for the beauty community.  My channel is my gateway for beintg creative, teaching you everything I know about makeup, while making it a fun and positive environment for my followers.

At the age of 24 I was blessed with the best gift of life.. My daughter Alexa.  I had no idea how much happiness and treasured moments this little girl would bring me...  I also didnt realize how fast time would begin to fly by and my little girl would grow up.. It was having her that made me realize I needed every moment, every holiday, every year, every memory, to stand still...


As families, as couples, and even as children, we all have those treasured moments that we hold dear to our heart.  Each photoshoot being unique in its own way which I happen to hold dear to my heart!


Memories by B is here to capture your memories.  I am here to make your moments stand still for a lifetime.


Feel free to follow my page on facebook @ Memories by B.

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